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Jim's Favorite Free Programs

DESKTOP CALENDAR  The easiest to use and very functional.   Perfect for keeping track of appointments and making reminders.  It's a three step process to get to the download, but well worth it.  Click the above link, click on "downloads", click on "visit the Desktop Calendar Homepage", click the download tab, scroll down to "download now". 2.58 MB (about 10 -15 minutes on a dial up connection).
PASS KEEPER  Tired of loosing or forgetting pass words.  Try this program and your troubles will be over.  This is a small zip file which downloads quickly, but you will then need an unzip utility such as winzip to complete the download.  If you have a problem I can send you the unzipped file by email. or 998-0303
IRFANVIEW  This is an excellent photo editing program that downloads quickly (420 KB).  Allows you to easly resize pictures for your email attachments, correct colors, create slideshows, cropping, and the list goes on.  Don't worry about the "plugins", you won't need them for your usual actvity.
FASTSTONE  Another excellent photo editing program that does all that Irfanview can do and maybe more.  Find it at, toward the bottom of the page under "imaging".

Note: To view the presentations above, a PowerPoint Viewer can be downloaded from           .
January 2014 - How to connect your PC to a TV and stream video or movies.
                       How to format images in Word documents, & position them on the page or within text.
February 2014 - How to resize images and make photos less fuzzy using Picasa and GIMP software.
                             Update on connecting a TV to your router to stream video to it.
March 2014 - How to use Windows XP safely after Microsoft ends support on April 8, 2014.
                        How to restore Windows XP backups to Windows XP, 7 or 8 with details for flash drives.
April 2014 - •What are the best choices for backing up to the cloud?  Google Drive, Microsoft 
                       OneDrive, iDrive, Dropbox & Spideroak are considered.
                       How can you get all your email in one spot, from your ISP, GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc., 
                       for your PC and smart phone?

May 2014 - The Heartbleed vulnerability and using Password Managers LastPass and KeePass.
                     Download safety - check a link before downloading with
                     How to get all your email in Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird, and on a smart phone.
June 2014 - What are the best free antivirus programs and how do they rate?
                      What are the security features of IE, Firefox & Chrome, and which is most secure?
July 2014 - Demonstration of the basic features of the Firefox browser including setup,
                  browsing, searching, bookmarks, history, tabs, downloads, & add-ons.
August 2014 - How to mirror your laptop's screen and sound on the Center's TV using Air Parrot.
                       Demonstration of Writer, the Word Processor of the free Libre Office suite. .
September 2014 - How to use System Restore in removing problem programs & drivers.
                               How compatible are Libre Office and Microsoft Office?.
November 2014 - The basics of using Calc, the spreadsheet in the free Libre Office Suite.
                               Differences in Windows backup in 7/8 vs. XP and some free alternatives.
December 2014 - How do you use libraries in Windows 7 & 8?
                               How do you upload photos from a camers and organize them with Windows,                                          Photo Gallery & Picasa?.
January 2015 - How to set up a wireless printer.
                           How to search for solutions for PC problems in forums and YouTube videos.
                           Is PC Matic any good?.
February 2015 - How to make the desktop easier to read.
                            How to convert a scanned document to editable text (OCR).
March 2015 - How to clean and speed up your PC safely, for free.
                       For those still running Windows XP online, antivirus, browser & software advice.
April 2015 - Discussion & demo of diferences between Windows 8 Apps and desktop programs.
                     How to make your PC read to you: screens, documents, PDFs, and websites.
May 2015 - Demonstration of the best free online services to store, sync and share your files,
                   using OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or Copy.
                   How to borrow ebooks and audio books from the library and read or listen to them.
June 2015 - Review of the best free and paid antivirus software.
                     Using Picasa to manage, edit, print and share your photos. 
September 2015 - How to adjust your browsers to minimize the Adobe Flash security risk.
                        Use Secunia PSI and to keep Flash and your other software updated.
                        How to use Dropbox cloud storage to backup, sync and share your files.      
October 2015 - How to Use OneNote, including links to tutorials 
                        OneNote Class Notes and What is OneNote?  by Chris Crawford
                        OneNote User Guide from Prairie State College  
November 2015 - How to Disaster-Proof Your Computer Backup, with online and local options
December 2015 -How to disaster-proof your computer backup, using local & online backup                                          software. 
                          Show YouTube videos on what Contana can do for you in Windows 10.
                          Give buying advice for a laptop PC used for browsing, writing and Netflix.
January 2016 - How to disaster-proof your computer backup with IDrive online backup software.
.                       How to use the LastPass password manager, critique of its security.
                        Does PC have BIOS or UEFI boot, is disk FAT32 or NTFS formated - how to tell? 
                        How to park a hard drive?  
February 2016 - Check PC manufacturer websites for Windows 10 upgrade testing.
                          How to make Windows 10 less intrusive.
                          How to format an external hard drive for both Windows & Mac backups.
                          Sticky Password for managing passwords with no-cloud sync. 
March 2016 - A first look at Windows 10 and a checklist to use before upgrading.
                     What can I do to stay safe on the internet?
April 2016 - How to backup an Android phone and email.
                   How to control spam and junk mail.
                   How to encrypt a flash drive using Veracrypt.
                   How to get rid of the Windows 10 popup.   
May 2016 - How to restore your PC from a system image backup made with Windows backup.
                  How to diagnose and fix a slow browser.
                  How to put lots of pictures on Facebook. 
June 2016 - How do you prepare for or avoid upgrading to Windows 10?
                   How do you stop autoplaying videos?.
July 2016 - How do you use Dropbox?
                  How can you browse in private and not be followed?
                  How can you maximize privacy in Windows 10 (video)?
August 2016 - What should you do after upgrading to Windows 10?
                           How do you synch your Androiod phone's phtotos to your PC using Dropbnox?
                           What should you look for in a website builder? 
November 2016 - How do you stop videos from autoplaying in a browser?
                             What should you look for in a website builder and how do you use one?.
December, 2016 - What are the Windows 10 recovery options, including Reset and File History?
                              How do you backup and reset an Android phone?.
February, 2017 - How do you add & sync bookmarks in Android Chrome browser?
                            How do you prevent accidental touch pad clicks on a laptop?
                            What is Windows 10 Task View and how do you use it?
                            What is Libre Office and how do you make it compatible with Microsoft Office?                           
March 2017 - What is Windows 10 Task View and how do you use it? 
                       What programs can I use to draw on my PC?
                       How do you make Libre Office the default program for opening Microsoft files?
April 2017 - Discuss streaming media to TV, including mirroring PC screen.
                    How can you move iphone/ipad photos to a PC?
                    What is the best browser for 2017? . 
May 2017 - Do you need a VPN for privacy from your ISP, and which are recommended?
                   How do you sync Chrome bookmarks between PC and phone?
                   What Lake County buy and sell pages are on Facebook 
                        and how do you protect your privacy on FB?
                   What calendar program do you recommend?
June 2017 - What are some good online education websites?
                    What is Windows 10 S and what is it good for?
                    Can & should I use LastPass password manager on my Android phone?

July 2017 - Can I backup 2 PC to the same external hard drive? 
                   What is a good backup strategy, local &/or online?
                   Can I resize an image to  a desired pixel count?
August 2017 - How do you cleanup Downloads folder and other unneeded files?
                        How do you copy photos from your Android phone to your PC directly?
                        What is Microsoft Sway?
September 2017 - What are the best ways to cleanup unneeded files on a PC?
                              List all file extensions, what they are, and the programs they work with.
                              What is new or changed with the Windows 10 Creators Update?
                              What are Storage Spaces and how do they work?

October 2017 - What are the best PC tuneup utilities?
                          What do I need to know to use Windows XP now?
                          How do you use the Windows Store and what are some recommended free apps?
.                         What is a Home Group and how do you create one?

December 2017 - How can you transfer folders and files to a new PC?
                             How do you create and use a system image backup?
                             How do you know if your PC does a UEFI or Legacy boot?
November 2017 - How do you use and control System Restore?
                             What is the best way to organize your files and folders?
                             Am I affected by the KRACK vulnerability?.
From Prior Years.
January 2018 - How do you control Windows 10 updates?
                          How do I wipe a PC before passing it on?
                          What is a Windows Store app vs. a desktop app? Do you need a Microsoft account?

February 2018 - How do I create and use a system image backup?
                           How do I wipe a PC before selling or recycling it?
                           Which OneNote should I use and where does it store its files?
April 2018 - How do I use a system image backup?
                    Does 3rd party system image software have advantages over Microsoft's?
                    How do I update drivers, e.g. for sound devices?
                    How can I protect my privacy on Facebook?

May 2018 - What is File History and how do I use it?
                   What software will tell me when my programs need updating and help me do it?
                   What's in the April 2018 Windows 10 Feature Update?
June 2018 - How do you use Honey, the shopping app?
                    What's in the April 2018 Windows 10 feature update?
                    How do you share across devices, Windows or Android?
July 2018 - How do you use the Password Manager, KeePass?
                   How do you use Google Earth, Pro and Chrome versions?
                   What is new with the VPNFilter router attack?
                   What is Silverlight and do I need it?