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Jim's Favorite Free Programs

DESKTOP CALENDAR  The easiest to use and very functional.   Perfect for keeping track of appointments and making reminders.  It's a three step process to get to the download, but well worth it.  Click the above link, click on "downloads", click on "visit the Desktop Calendar Homepage", click the download tab, scroll down to "download now". 2.58 MB (about 10 -15 minutes on a dial up connection).
PASS KEEPER  Tired of loosing or forgetting pass words.  Try this program and your troubles will be over.  This is a small zip file which downloads quickly, but you will then need an unzip utility such as winzip to complete the download.  If you have a problem I can send you the unzipped file by email. or 998-0303
IRFANVIEW  This is an excellent photo editing program that downloads quickly (420 KB).  Allows you to easly resize pictures for your email attachments, correct colors, create slideshows, cropping, and the list goes on.  Don't worry about the "plugins", you won't need them for your usual actvity.
FASTSTONE  Another excellent photo editing program that does all that Irfanview can do and maybe more.  Find it at, toward the bottom of the page under "imaging".

February, 2017 - How do you add & sync bookmarks in Android Chrome browser?
                            How do you prevent accidental touch pad clicks on a laptop?
                            What is Windows 10 Task View and how do you use it?
                            What is Libre Office and how do you make it compatible with Microsoft Office?                           
May 2017 - Do you need a VPN for privacy from your ISP, and which are recommended?
                   How do you sync Chrome bookmarks between PC and phone?
                   What Lake County buy and sell pages are on Facebook 
                        and how do you protect your privacy on FB?
                   What calendar program do you recommend?
December 2017 - How can you transfer folders and files to a new PC?
                             How do you create and use a system image backup?
                             How do you know if your PC does a UEFI or Legacy boot?
November 2017 - How do you use and control System Restore?
                             What is the best way to organize your files and folders?
                             Am I affected by the KRACK vulnerability?
January 2018 - How do you control Windows 10 updates?
                          How do I wipe a PC before passing it on?
                          What is a Windows Store app vs. a desktop app? Do you need a Microsoft account?
February 2018 - How do I create and use a system image backup?
                           How do I wipe a PC before selling or recycling it?
                           Which OneNote should I use and where does it store its files?
April 2018 - How do I use a system image backup?
                    Does 3rd party system image software have advantages over Microsoft's?
                    How do I update drivers, e.g. for sound devices?
                    How can I protect my privacy on Facebook?
May 2018 - What is File History and how do I use it?
                   What software will tell me when my programs need updating and help me do it?
                   What's in the April 2018 Windows 10 Feature Update?
June 2018 - How do you use Honey, the shopping app?
                    What's in the April 2018 Windows 10 feature update?
                    How do you share across devices, Windows or Android?
July 2018 - How do you use the Password Manager, KeePass?
                   How do you use Google Earth, Pro and Chrome versions?
                   What is new with the VPNFilter router attack?
                   What is Silverlight and do I need it?
September 2018 - How do you control your privacy on Facebook?
                              What is the best free office suite?
                              How can we minimize spam in email?
                              Which free email accounts have the best spam filters?
                              How can you transfer your email to one of those accounts?
October, 2018 - What is the best free office suite - Open Office, Libre Office, or another?
                          How can you combine your OneDrive accounts?
                          How do you change your email address without losing mail or contacts?
                          How do you restore a file from an AOMEI file/folder backup?.
November 2018 - What are the advantages and features of the Edge browser?
                              What is new with Firefox tracking protection?
                              How do you install & use Grammarly?
                              How can you protect yourself from identity theft?

December 2018 - What are the advantages and features of the Edge browser?
                             How do you download YouTube videos with VLC?
                             What are the main features of Microsoft's Photos app?
                             How do you install & use Grammarly to improve spelling and punctuation?
                             How do you stop Facebook notifications that pop up when it's closed?    

January. 2019 - What are Microsoft's update and end-of-support policies for Windows 10 and 7?
                          How do you backup Firefox's bookmarks, history, cookies and passwords, etc.?
                          Is the Avast Secure Browser the safet and fastest?
                          Can the Photos app show folders & files as a list?
                          How can you use Gammarly with Libre Office?
                          What is a podcast and how do they work?                    
February 2019 - .How do you stop videos from auto-playing in the Firefox browser?
                            What does it cost to upgrade from Windows 7 to 10?
                            How do you share a large video, by email or by text?
                            Whom do you recommend for PC repair & advice?
                            What free PC software do you recommend?
                            What shall we do to improve our website?
March 2019 - How can Firefox stop Facebook from tracking me?
               .      Can/should I update my Android phone's O/S?
                      What free software and services are available from the library? From Google?     
                      What Universal Apps and Settings apps come with Windows 10? Which need
                      to be activated or set up?                      
April 2019 -  What Universal Apps and Settings apps come with Windows 10? Which need to                         be  activated or set up?.
                    What are the advantages of using a YouTube account?
                    Is Kanopy steaming movie service aaavailable from our library?

May 2019 - How safe is Dropbox? Can I make it safer?
                  Are OneDrive and Google drive encrypted?
                  What is a podcast and how do they work?.
June 2019 - What Windows Store apps are recommended?
                    How do you control Windows with your voice?
                    How can you find your Android phone?.
July 2019 - How do Skype video calls work, including PC to MAC?
                  How can you backup and clean up and find your Android phone?
                  Will the Verizon network upgrade affect my cell phone? 
August 2019 - How can a password manager help secure your digital legacy?
                         Which passsword managers are recommended?
                         How do you change the name of the default user profile in Windows 10?
                         Suggest a photo editor to correct a blue tint in old slides.
September 2019 - How do you "Spring clean" an Android phone?
                              How do you choose a 4G cell phone and carrier? Advantages of unlocked?
                              Can syncing Google Drive on PC and phone be made secure?
                              How can you get library books onto a Kobo eReader? 
October 2019 - How can you read lbrary eBooks on a Kobo eReader?
                         How do you tell is a cell phone gets 4G data and voice?
                         What are the best senior citizen cell phone plans from Verizon and AT&T?
                         What is Forefox Monitor, the browser's new security service?
                         How do I enable dark mode in Windows 10?
November 2019 - What's new with Windows 10 update?
                             What are the best scam call blockers from Verizon, AT&T and others?
                             What are the best free antivirus programs? Is Windows Defender enough?     
                             Which is better for onlne storage & backup: One Drive or Google Drive?
December 2019 - How can you control and use Windows 10 File Explorer's Quick Access?
                            For GMail in 2019, what are the major features and best tips?
                            How can you upgrade from Windows 7 to 10 and prevent or fix problems?
January 2020 - Demonstrate how One Drive and Google Drive sync folders and handle  
                                duplicates and prior versions. 
                        Are there more private and secure browsers like DuckDuckGo?  
                        What does Firefox Monitor do and why register? 
                        How do you clean up unneeded files on your PC?
February 2020 - What are the best tips for using GMail in 2019?
                           What is new with Google's Chrome browwser, including password monitoring?
                           How do you use the Personal Vault in OneDrive?
                           How do you use Classic Shell to make Windows 10 look more like Windows 7?
March 2020 - How can you protect yourself from phishing?
                      How can you block ads in Facebook?
                      What are some Windows 10 privacy guidelines?
                      How can you use Wndows 10 tiles to your advantage?
May 2020 - How do you create a secure Zoom meeting?
                   How can you avoid or overcome Windows update bugs?
                   What software can help organize your photos or fix old ones?

June 2020 - What are the best 4G cell phones from $100 - $400?
                    How can you remove a Windows update?
                    Besides Zoom, what other good choices exist for online meetings? 
                    What are the best intro videos for joining or creating a Zoom meeting?
July 2020 - .What controls are available for Zoom meetings, for participants and hosts?
                    What is the best free Office software?
                    What is My Fitness Pal?
                    What software can help you organize your photos? And fix old photos?

August 2020 - What are the Android 9 settings for security, privacy and long battery life?
                       In Word, how do you change default font and size, line and paragraph spacing?
                       In Zoom, how do you diagnose and fix sound problems?
September 2020 - What online wildfire tracking resources exist?
                              How do you use the main Android screens?
                              What is Android Safe Mode and how do you use it?
October 2020 - How do you get Nixle alerts beyond Lake County?
                         How do you control Android notifications?
                         What book templates are available for Word?.
November 2020 - What Android notes apps can transfer their notes to an SD card?
                             Can you use a VPN with Netflix?.
                             In Google Photos, how do you create folders and download to a device?
December 2020 - What browsers have the best security features and add-ons?
                              How do you change Libre Office default fonts & size, line & paragraph 
                              spacing and capitalization rules?
                             What Android file managers are best and why?
                             Can you store OneNote files locally on a phone?
January 2021 - What are the new Google storage policies for GMail, Google Photos and Google Drive?
                         How can we manage Windows 10 updates and End-of-Service warnings?
                         How can we secure our Microsoft account against hackers?
                         What browsers have VPNs or similar features?
                         How do you sync an Amazon Fire?
                         How do you tell AdBlock to allow ads from a website?
February 2021 - What is the best software for a system image backup?
                           What is the best online backup software/services?
                           How do you fix or enhance photos with Adobe Photoshop Express?  
                           How do you sync email to more than one device?
                           How do yu use Google Calendar?
March, 2021 - Is Closed Captioning coming to Zoom and when?
                       What is the best free antivirus suite?
                       How do you use Google Calendar?