Lake County Computer Users Group

March 6, 2021
Judy is retiring from LCCU Group leadership. Is anyone interested in taking over or continuing the group in some way?

We will answer questions from members at previous meetings:

  • Is Closed Captioning coming to Zoom, and when?
  • What are the best free antivirus suites?
  • How do you sync email to more than one device?
  • How do you use Google's Calendar?

We will address your other PC or Android problems or questions, so make a list and we will do our best to help you find a solution. PC-related tips or suggestions for future meeting topics are welcome.   

This meeting will be held online using Zoom at 9:30 am. The Zoom session will start at 9:00 am for those who are new to Zoom or think they'll need help getting connected. If you didn't get an invitation and want one, email Judy at 

LCCU meets on the 1st  Saturday of each month at the Clearlake Oaks, Live Oak Senior Center.  The meeting starts at 9:30 AM, and runs until about 11:30 AM.  Doors open at 9:00.  There is a $1.00 sign-in fee at the door.  All are encouraged to add their name to the sign-in list, if they would like to receive meeting notices & minutes.
Directions & Map to:
12502 Foothill Blvd.
Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423

From Clearlake:

Highway 53 to T intersection with Highway 20 West.  Turn left on Highway 20 toward Clearlake Oaks.   (Please note that traffic from the East on Highway 20 does not stop.)  Go into Clearlake Oaks to Foothill Blvd. There is a flagpole and a fountain in the circle to the left of Foothill Blvd. The Senior Center is the mustard-brown building ahead to the left a short distance on Foothill Blvd. Just follow Foothill Blvd to the end of the one-way oval around the park, turning to follow the one-way oval in the opposite direction until you see a row of parking on your left along the oval, and a parking lot on your right just before the Senior Center. There are two signs on the building - Ka-Ba-Tin & Senior Center.  The "A" balloon in the map below marks the Senior Center.

From the West coming through Glenhaven on Highway 20:

When you enter Clearlake Oaks and just beyond the TOWER MART turn left onto Foothill Blvd. Foothill Blvd will become a one way street.  Follow Foothill Blvd until you see the mustard-brown Senior Center to your left.  Continue past it, following the one-way oval around the park until you arrive back at the parking area just before the Senior Center. Alternately, from Foothill Blvd., you may turn left on Pine St. and turn right into the parking lot on the far side of theSenior Center, entering it from the rear.  There are two signs on the building – Ka-Ba-Tin & Senior Center. The "A" balloon in the map below marks the Senior Center.